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Fliko is a pioneer of change in the European housing market - taking it into the digital world. In cooperation with our partners, we provide a platform that combines services from the areas of building automation, IoT and smart home. Property managers, administrators, developers or institutional rental operators, thanks to Fliko, are able to deliver services in real time, and property owners and tenants can benefit from high-quality services, right here, right now.


Reduce costs, free up time for managers and lease managers
Ability to customize the app for each investment
Building positive user experience [NPS].
Effective monitoring of real estate maintenance companies
All property/tenant information in one place


  • The "end to end" process of the lease - the contract, the protocol for the handover of the apartment, the payment of fees, the protocol for the handover of the apartment.
  • Comprehensive management of defects in the apartment.
  • Community building - news i.e. announcements of common events, hyde park e.g. sell/buy.
  • Integrations - open API system, access zones, smart home, remote IoT meter readings, tenant certificate in cooperation with partners.


Fliko is a tool for managing customer relationships at every stage of a development process. It automates developer defect management processes. In addition, the implementation of Fliko reduces operating costs and eliminates the need to invest in infrastructure, development and maintenance of in-house software. The ability for rapid customization of the app in accordance with the customer's corporate identity is an additional advantage. The cloud solutions applied, integrated with advanced mobile technologies and the Internet of Things, allow integration with access control systems, remote meters or vehicle charging stations, among others. Moreover, Fliko is the ability to analyze processes and user behavior as an element of business decision support (NPS)


Automate the process of managing defects
Ability to customize app rapidly according to customer specifications
A single tool to manage customer relations at every stage of investment
Building the company's reputation as a modern provider of digital processes for customers


  • Defects during the warranty period.
  • Management of documentation related to the property - transfer of protocols, architectural documentation, developer changes, tenant changes.
  • Mobile handover of apartments.
  • Building community with apartment purchasers already at the construction phase - poll module, integration with external service providers, creation of mobility hubs.

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Your Digital Neighborhood:

Fliko is the first platform of integrated solutions to support efficient and effective management of residential communities. It provides new standards in resident service and supports the creation of positive experiences.

Fliko provides a CRM console for the manager, administrator, mobile application for the resident and service providers. It is a platform that fulfills another very important task - it promotes environmentally friendly behavior and supports the building of micro-communities.


It's a platform that enables effective and efficient property management while supporting community building and promoting eco-friendly behavior.
Fliko is a modern and flexible tool that includes a CRM console for the manager/administrator, a mobile application for the resident and service providers.


  • Defects - effective and efficient work, verification of the maintenance process, communication with residents, transparency of the defects process.
  • Online resolution voting - fast decision-making, effective way of collecting votes under resolutions, paperless process (environmentally friendly measures, cost savings).
  • Integrations - open API system, access zones, smart home, remote IoT meter readings.
  • CRM for the manager - property documentation in one place: list of contractors, calendar, automatic reminders.
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